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Company Introduction

   The company was established in 1993, We started to operate Sales Business in the name of SKY PIGMENTS CHEMICAL Ltd., Part. SKY begun to manufacturing products in Bang Bon 3 Thailand, with the purpose of extending a new business line as a manufacture of pigment powder serving local factories for making the finished plastic product.

Just over a short period time, the demands kept on increasing very rapidly, here SKY PIGMENTS CHEMICAL Ltd., Part was established SKY COLOURS Co., Ltd. To serve the needs of the other segments in the form of pre-coloured compound and masterbatch for all kinds of plastic products such as, electrical appliances, household utensils,kitchen-wares, toys,bathroom equipment , baby bottles ,shopping bags , etc.


   SKY COLOURS CO., LTD. Believes in maintaining the closet possible contacts with our customer, therefore combines its technical expertise with manufactures to minimize delivery time and maximize customer service at the same time, we continues to enhance its technical experience through new concepts and technological developments in all aspects of plastics in order to provide the best possible service to our valued customers with the highest satisfaction.


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